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Added : Mar 11, 2017
Ratings :  5.2  / R
Released : Sep 21, 2012
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Length : 90 min
Country : Germany, UK
Language : English
Actors : Jo Hartley, James Doherty, Seamus O'Neill, James Burrows
Director : Alex Chandon
Writer : Alex Chandon, Alex Chandon (screenplay), Paul Shrimpton (screenplay)
Description : This film is about a group of four teen offenders who go to the country for the weekend with two other youth workers. They end up at an old country house near the town of Mortlake in Yorkshire. After they clean up the house so they can stay there they all head in to the village for some well earned drinks only to run in to the local "town folk". The next day they go to a place that has old train carriages to collect some scrap..
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