My Hindu Friend
My Hindu Friend

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Added : Mar 11, 2017
Ratings :  5.9 
Released : Mar 03, 2016
Genre : Drama
Length : 124 min
Country : Brazil
Language : English, Portuguese
Actors : Willem Dafoe, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Selton Mello
Director : Hector Babenco
Writer : Hector Babenco
Description : His father has died, he hasn't spoken with his brother for about 10 years and has a serious cancer. Diego is a talented film director with difficulty to deal with his sickness, which is making him lose his friends and family. His best friend and doctor Ricardo gives him the news that he needs a bone marrow transplantation, otherwise he'll die. He gets married to a beautiful woman, Livia, just before going to Seattle to get tre..