Sweet Talk (2013)
Sweet Talk (2013)

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Ratings :  5.3 
Released : Mar 02, 2013
Genre : Adventure, Drama
Length : 92 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Actors : Karen Austin, Devion Andrez Coleman, John Glover, Lindsay Hollister
Director : Terri Hanauer
Writer : Peter Lefcourt (screenplay), Peter Lefcourt (based on his play)
Description : Delilah is an operator in a phone sex company whose job is to satisfy the clients with her cyber sex expertise. She is passionately in love with Russian literature. However she is a troubled woman, having hallucinations of a mysterious figure silently sitting next to her bed at nights. Samson is a writer who is facing mental blockade that makes him very desperate. One night when his mind denies to help him out with his type-wr..
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