World Cupp 2011
World Cupp 2011

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Quality : Master
Added : Apr 27, 2017
Ratings :  3.6 
Released : Dec 18, 2009
Genre : Crime, Drama, Sport
Country : India
Language : Hindi, Panjabi, Engl
Actors : Ravi Kapoor, Master Sagar Punjabi, Suresh Oberoi, Prem Chopra
Director : Ravi Kapoor
Writer : Ravi Kapoor (story)
Description : Popular Indian Team Cricket team Captain, Ravi Indulkar, is disgraced after being exposed by Live India Reporter, Bala, of accepting a bribe from Bookie Shobhan to lose the World Cup 2007 to Pakistan. While the police and a Member of Parliament, Abu Bhai, were also involved, the media chose only to show the nexus between Ravi and his team, and the owner of Queenfisher Airlines, Ajay Wallya. The Bookie does not come up with the..
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